Ticket and Mobile Pass Configuration

New Features!

Brushfire Tickets and Registrations can be created and curated to fit your specific needs! 

Event Configuration

Tickets are managed in three different places within your Event Configuration Dashboard which you can see as you scroll through here:

Ticket Layout Details

Branding and Design

The Ticket Creator allows you to choose an image to display and a background color to match your event branding. While it will always default to no image, it is optimized to fit the Event's Header Image. Therefore, please note the Header Image's recommended size of 1125 x 294 pixels will now be strictly enforced. You will also be able to choose another image from your media library.

Further, the text on the tickets will either be black or white and is determined by whichever is most optimized based on the background color you select. 

Finally, you can toggle on the right between the web ticket sample, the Apple Wallet Pass sample, and the Google Wallet Pass sample. 

desktop 1.gif


Ticket Fields and Data Display 

Here are the default field displays and the customizable field displays for the following types of events: General Admission, Assigned Seat (Section) Ticketing, Flex Pass, Groups, and Orders with Multiple Attendees.   

Click through for each event:

Confirmation Email

Now, the confirmation emails will operate and display according to whether or not you enabled tickets for your event. Again, this is done in the Content Tab.  

Ticket Enabled

When tickets are enabled, the confirmation email will include a prominent View Tickets button. When clicked and the ticket is displayed (as described above, depending on the type of event),  attendees can add directly to their wallets or print.

If changes are allowed to be made to orders or attendees, they will be able to Manage that from their ticket as well! If changes are set to be prevented, they will not see that option displayed.


Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 5.19.12 PM.png

Ticket Disabled

When tickets are disabled, the confirmation email will include a prominent Manage Attendees button. When clicked, attendees will be directed to all the options they have within their registration.

Note that even when changes are set to be prevented, attendees will be able to view their order and attendee details, and even print, but it will be clearly indicated they cannot make any changes.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 5.19.48 PM.png

The screens your customers are already familiar with to manage their orders and tickets are all the same. 

Please reach out to our teams if you need any further help with this!