Buyer and Attendee Fields - Collecting Data at Registration

Brushfire offers you the flexibility of collecting different kinds of data on your event forms. 

Before you decide to collect data about your attendees, it is a good idea to be aware of the responsibilities you have as an event organizer for the data you choose to collect. Read more about Brushfire's Privacy Policy and the General Data Protection Regulation here.


Brushfire distinguishes between 2 major data collection points for when setting up your event registration pages.

Order Level Data

Order-Level data refers to the information you can collect from the person placing an order for an event. This includes the required data collected at checkout: Name, Address, Phone, and Email (Brushfire also registers Order Date/Time, Order Attendee Count, Order Number, Payment Method, etc.)

Buyer Fields

In addition to the order-level data collected at checkout, you can add your own questions in Buyer Fields that will be asked only once per order regardless of the number of attendees in an order. Buyer fields help limit the time you are asking your attendees to spend on registering. Good questions to ask in Buyer Fields are:

  • Marketing-related questions like: How did you hear about this event?
  • Parent/Emergency Contact information when your event is designed to register multiple members of the same family.

Attendee Fields

Attendee Fields are optional fields. If your event does not gather information about individuals, the person who places the order will get a confirmation email with a QR code that will check in all the attendees in the order. 

Attendee Level Data

Attendee-level questions gather detail about each separate individual who is registered, even if one person places an order for multiple attendees. Some questions to ask in Attendee Fields include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Allergy Information
  • Membership Information (e.g. Church/Campus Membership)
  • Age Group Information
  • Paid Add-Ons, Breakout Choices, Meal Options
  • Waivers and Acceptance Fields, etc.

Fields can be conditional, required, non-required and visible or invisible for certain registration types or for administrators only. 

Forms in Brushfire are extremely flexible, allowing for almost any scenario!

Any information you gather on forms is accessible via Brushfire's Reporting Tools and can also be used to schedule and send targeted event-related email communications to your attendees using Brushfire's built-in Email Tool.

If you collect similar data across events in your org, it may help to provide valuable insights concerning the demographics of your audience from an organizational perspective to help define event growth strategies and help your marketing team identify opportunities to grow and expand your audience.

Attendee Fields can also be used to selectively grant access to attendees by configuring Check-In Sessions that can be referenced by Brushfire's check-in app

You can also add Group Fields if you set your event up to register groups.

Ask one of our friendly client support agents to help you set up your forms. We can make recommendations based on what we've done for other organizations or structure your unique form to meet your requirements.

While gathering attendee data can provide valuable insight into your event audience, it is almost always best to keep your forms short to limit incomplete registrations and to keep the time your attendees spend filling out forms to a minimum. Quick and easy registration makes for a great registration experience for your attendees.

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