How to Add and/or Edit Ticket or Registration Types

Do you need to add ticket/ registration types or modify existing options? You can do this very quickly in a few short steps. In this article, we will learn how to add or modify existing ticket/registration types. You will also find a glossary of terms listed at the very bottom as well. Let's get started with this quick overview video!


Did you know? 

Verbiage - Brushfire offers our customers the option to sell tickets or registrations. We call this Verbiage. You can set this and create ticket/registration types while creating your event in Event Creator. You can also change this under the Main Details tab.


***For the purpose of this article we will refer to Ticket or Registration types only as Tickets. ***


  1. Navigate to event page
    • If you don't know how to find your event you can click the Start Page
  2. Click edit (pencil) icon to edit event and select Ticket or Registration Typesevent_edit.png
  3. Click the green box for Add New Ticket Type or if you need to edit an existing ticket type, proceed to next step.
  4. Edit ticket type by clicking the edit button (pencil icon) to launch edit viewedit_ticket_type.png
  5. There are 4 sections you can edit: Main Details, Price, Visibility and Fields (for detailed descriptions please see the glossary at the bottom of the article). 
    • Main Details - Rename the ticket type, add capacity and add a descriptionScreen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_4.02.44_PM.png
    • Pricing - Set the price an attendee pays and include fees if you'd like edit_ticket_price.png
    • Visibility - There are two user categories: Internet & Admin. Both have the same visibility options. The default setting is "This type is ALWAYS available." edit_ticket_visibility.png
    • Fields - These are the Attendee fields associated with a specific ticket type. After creating attendee fields you can choose which fields are associated with each ticket.
    • For more information about Attendee Fields click here: Buyer & Attendee Fields - What information should I collect?edit_tickets_fields.png
  6. After making all updates to tickets click SAVE!!!


Did You Know?

You can create multiple ticket types with different start and stop times for sales. This is great when selling an early bird, regular and late ticket option. Each of these can have a different price too!



Glossary of terms:

    1. Main Details

      • Name - name of the ticket/registration type. 
      • Capacity - total number of tickets available for the ticket type
      • Text to visually group by (also used to link types with groups) - if you have several tickets under categories consider using using this option to create headings. ***Important*** you can see below the heading for Main Attendee & Unassigned. If you add a heading to one ticket you need to add a heading to all tickets or they will fall into Unassigned.  visually_group.png
      • Kind - refers to how many tickets your attendees can select. Standard allows you to have more than 1 whereas, Virtual limits the total to 1.
      • Description - add information about the ticket 
      • Admin Only Fields - Brushfire only fields
      • Enable Pre-Registration - Contact Brushfire
      • Enable Gifting - Allows attendee to give or "Gift a ticket to another person without fee. 
      • Enable Copying Information - When an attendee selects more than one ticket and there are attendee fields connected to the ticket the attendee can choose to use the same information on all tickets. Disable if you need all attendees to answer the information.
      • Accounting Code - Used to add a specific accounting code to transactions.
      • Min Quantity / Max Quantity - set this to more than 1 to enable Group functions
      • Require minimum to be met - requires minimum number of tickets to qualify for purchase
    2. Price

      • Pricing - set how you want attendees to pay. You can enable "payments" in this section if you'd like to allow payments.take_payments.png
      • Price (box) - Enter the set price for the ticket or allow people to make donations.
      • Fees - Allow the customer to pass along a fee to the attendee. You can use this to offset credit cards fees. 
    3. Visibility - only disable Admin if truly necessary

      • Internet & Admin Visibility 
        • This type is NOT available
        • This type is only available UNTIL a specific date
        • This type is only available AFTER a specific date
        • This type is only available BETWEEN specific dates
        • This type is ALWAYS available
      • Prevent Changes - prevents an attendee from modifying attendee fields after a certain date. This is useful if you are selling t-shirts, ordering food, etc. This allows you to lock in final numbers prior to your event.
      • Additionally, limit to - which users in your Brushfire account will see this ticket type.