Using Dropdown Lists on your Registration Form

Attendee-level questions gather detail about each separate individual who is registered, even if one person places an order for multiple attendees. Some questions to ask in Attendee Fields include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Allergy Information
  • Membership Information (e.g. Church/Campus Membership)
  • Age Group Information
  • Paid Add-Ons, Breakout Choices, Meal Options
  • Waivers and Acceptance Fields, etc.

Fields can be conditional, required, non-required, and visible or invisible for certain registration types or for administrators only. There are several different field types that you can select from to set up your event registration. Additionally from the standard Name, Email, and Phone fields you can add more advanced fields to your form. Fields like Dropdown Lists, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Paragraphs, and Acceptance fields can all be added to your attendee fields. In this article, we will focus on the Dropdown List.

The Dropdown List can be added to give your attendee’s a list of options to choose from. The Dropdown has all of the same options as the other fields for internet/admin visibility, making the field required or optional, and you can select which ticket types the question will show up for. If you use the Dropdown List, the attendee will only be able to select one option per field.


After you add the Dropdown List to your fields, click on “More Options” to add the options you are offering to your attendees.


Click on the green “+ New Option” button to add options one-by-one. You can also click the down arrow to Add Multiple Options, Upload, or Export the list of options in a .CSV format. If you click on “Upload CSV”, you will be taken to a page with a sample file that you can download. Or Click Here.

Once your fields are added, you can set a capacity for the number of attendees that can select that option. If you are charging for a specific option, you can add that to the price field and the amount will be automatically added to the order total. If your options have unlimited capacity and are free, leave the Capacity and Price fields blank.


After your form is saved, your attendees will see this during registration:




Dropdown Lists can also be conditional. To do this you will need to set up a dependent field first. This is typically a Yes or No Dropdown field but can be a Dropdown List that has other options as well.


Once your dependent field is set up, go to the field that you would like to make conditional and click on “Displayed Always.” For this example, I have set up the “Would you like to take a course” field above the “Select a Course” field. When I go to the “Select a Course” field and click “Displayed Always” a dropdown of available dependent fields will appear. From the dropdown I want to select “Yes” from the “Would you like to take a course?” field.


Once saved, the “Select Your Course” field will be hidden from the attendees unless they select Yes from the “Would you like to take a course” field. This is a great way to keep your attendee fields clean and easy to understand. Here is what the fields will look like from the event registration.





This is what the checkout page will look like when you assign a price to a dropdown option:



For more information on setting up attendee fields, please click here.