After registering, what ticket information can attendees edit and how would they do it?

When considering to let your attendees edit ticket information after registering, consider the following:

1. Do you want to allow them to make any financial changes, especially ones that may trigger refunds?

As shown above, in your Events Dashboard under Main Details, near the bottom, you can decide to what level attendees can make financial changes for a specific event. 

  • For Yes, both new charges and refunds, attendees can edit anything, despite how it may affect the charges. They can upgrade or downgrade (with refund) at their discretion.
  • Next, the Yes, new charges only option is very powerful as you can prevent any changes that would allow a refund, but still allow customers to Upgrade when they want.
  • Last, No financial changes at all will never allow a change that results in the attendee’s charges. 

Keep in mind that this feature does not prevent changes that would result in a net zero. It must be a financial change. To put more restrictions around changes and editing, read further below about our Prevent Changes feature at the Ticket Type Level.

Special Note: This also applies to more than just the cost of your ticket or registration; this includes changes made to any Attendee Field revenue changes as well, like canceling a t-shirt order or lunch ticket.

2. Do you want to allow attendees to change information in their registration?


This is a powerful tool as it overrides the permissions set for Financial Changes back on the Main Details tab as previously discussed. So even if you have the event set to allow all financial changes, that stops for a ticket type if Prevent Changes is set.

Go to the event’s attendee-type configuration:

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the Attendee Type you would like to enable a deadline to Prevent Changes
  2. Go to Visibility and add a date under Prevent Changes as seen below.

Finally, depending on the settings you set, your attendees will receive a link in their confirmation email labeled as Manage Attendee for each of these options. When they click that, they can make a selection based on the allowances and parameters you have set.

Special Note: Furthermore, Brushfire still always allows attendees to make a payment towards their ticket or registration (ie. a payment plan payment).