Setting Up Payment Plans

When setting up your ticket types, the price tab has multiple options on how you want your customers to pay for their tickets. The most common option is to have them pay a set price to reserve their ticket or seat at an event.

However, what if you want to plan a trip that costs $1,500 and don't want them to have to pay the entire cost upfront? What if you have a kids camp that costs $350 a child and want to allow parents to pay in intervals to make it easier for them?

You can specify a down payment and additional payment amounts in specific increments or allow custom payment amounts by following these steps:

  1. Go to your event page
  2. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the event name to edit
  3. Go to Ticket Types
  4. Click on the pencil icon next to the Ticket type you would like to edit/allow payment plans for
  5. Go to price 
  6. Go to Customer can make payments 
  7. From there you can set up the payment plan and balance due date

Below is an image that shows you how to do this: 


Once you select the "Customer can make payments" option, it will ask you for the full amount of the ticket and then an initial deposit you want them to pay. An initial deposit is required to use the payment options.

After the initial deposit is set, you can then add additional payment options by clicking "New Total". For example, if you want them to be able to select between paying $100, $150, or the full $200 amount, you can choose "New Total" and enter $150 and it will give them the option to pay $150. Here is what it looks like to the attendee: 


To avoid allowing them to select "Custom Amount", you just need to make sure the "Allow Custom Payments" checkbox is unchecked. However, be aware that as an admin user you will always be able to select the custom amount option!

The last option you have is to set a balance due by date. This option displays next to the ticket type the date the full balance is due. This does NOT automatically charge them for their remaining balance. All payments must be made by the customer. They will receive a link in their confirmation email that brings them back to their registration to make a payment. Alternatively, click here for more information on how you can get the attendees to make follow up payments.

NOTE:  Paid Attendee Field Add-Ons will be added to the Deposit Amount collected at the time of registration and cannot be deferred for later payment.

If an attendee applies a percentage-based discount via a promotion code, the discount will only apply to the amount in the attendee's cart at checkout and cannot be used to reduce outstanding balances. 

PRO-TIP: To turn off payment plans, update your payment plan ticket type deposit to reflect the full amount due. That way existing attendees can still make payments, while new attendees will pay the full amount due when they register.