Customizing Event Themes

Have a new design and looking to update your Event Theme? Themes allow you to update the appearance of your event registration pages. On this screen, you can easily copy to/from existing events. As well as, apply custom branding (background images, logos, and banner images) to your events.



Follow these simple steps and to have your page looking fancy in no time! 

1. Select "Theme" on the Manage Page.


2. Use these options to upload new art and/or pick your theme colors. 


3. Don't forget to save!


Multiple Event Themes.

If you have events that live under the same URL Key (Learn more about URL Keys) and you would like for the Calendar Page to use a custom header, all events related by that URL Key will need to have the same header image uploaded. If any are different, Brushfire will use the default for the Calendar Page. 


If you would like to update your default theme, you can do so underneath the Organization Settings.



Helpful Tips:

Haven't ever customized your branding? Read this article. 

Need help with the Manage Page? Check out this article.