Can I Change how My Event Looks When People Share it on Social Media?

Brushfire allows you to choose the text that appears as well as the image that will appear on social media sharing services.

Choosing Your Social Media Image and Description

Your social media customization settings can be found on the Tracking tab of your Event Dashboard.

The Tracking page has the options "Promo Description Text" and "Promo Image."


These options will be used as follows:

Promo Description Text - This will appear as the description for your event when somebody shares it on social media. This text should briefly give more details about your event.

Promo Image -  This Image will appear in social media shares of your event. Facebook and Twitter have guidelines on how this image should be used. You should refer to their documentation to see how it works.

Twitter Summary Cards

Facebook Sharing Best Practices

Previewing My Shares

Facebook and Twitter both provide tools that will help you see what your shares will look like when they are shared on their sites.  Below are links to these tools.

Open Graph

Twitter Card Validator

Facebook Debugger