Customize the Branding for my Events

You can easily customize the branding for your events. Whether you'd like to use a different brand for each event or series of events or use one brand for all of your organization's events, Brushfire can accommodate your needs. 

All artwork you will be utilizing in Brushfire will first need to be uploaded to your Media Library.

Special Note: PNG or JPG format are preferred. Retina resolutions may be substituted for the resolutions listed below.

Here are the artwork specifications and requirements for each area of customization:

  • Desktop Version - Image should be 1200px wide by no more than 200px tall @ 216dpi.
    Mobile Version - Image should be 600px wide by no more than 200px tall @ 216dpi.

    This is the image that will appear at the top of your event pages. Events using the same URL Keys can share the same page header and branding. Alternatively, you can provide a logo image with a transparent background (PNG only) to be used over a background image.

    To change your organization's default branding or a page's background color, or add a logo to your page, please refer to this help article on Event Themes.

  • Image should be at least 600px wide by no more than 200px tall @ 216dpi. This is the header image that will appear at the top of your event's confirmation email. This can be different for each event.

    Please note that certain email providers have trouble rendering artwork that have spaces in the filename. We recommend that you remove spaces from your filenames before uploading.

  • Ticket Images should be 1125px x 294px @ 216dpi for proper display.

    Ticket Advertisement Images should be 2250px x 1125px @ 300dpi (7.5in x 3.75in) for proper display.

    You can also choose the coloring of your ticket, extra custom fields to display, and special notes or instructions in our Ticket Creator found under the Ticket Layouts Tab.

    Note: if you need to include a custom e-ticket, it should follow the Brushfire E-ticket Template
  • When your event URL is shared on social media, iMessage, or other messaging services it uses a Brushfire event thumbnail by default. Event thumbnails also appear on your organization event listing or in views that display multiple events (e.g. when using a URL Key to promote related events together).

    Update the thumbnail for your event with an image that's 1200px wide by 630px tall @ 72dpi.

    When updating your default organization branding, you can define a default image thumbnail for new events. If events are already live, you can update individual event thumbnails that are displayed on each event's Tracking Edit Tab. 

    The event thumbnail and social sharing image are the same. You can read the full details of best practices for social image sharing here. To preview your social sharing images, you can use the Open Graph sharing preview tool or Facebook's sharing debugger as outlined here.
  • Each event has the ability to add images to the background of the page. The recommended size for this image is 1024px wide by 768px tall @ 216dpi.
  • We also recommend adding a Mobile App image that is used when using our check in-app with iPads or Android Tablets. If supplied, this will be used alongside the app interface in all modes. Image should be 1090px (wide) x 1870px (high) @ 216dpi for proper display. 
  • Each event has the ability to display images in the upper and lower content descriptions of the event's main page. The maximum width for this image is 672px.

For more page branding options, please refer to this help article on Event Themes.

See this help article about branding for Brushfire Online streaming pages.

Still not sure how to prepare your artwork? Please let us know!