Embeddable Events Widget

With the Embeddable Events Widget you can embed Brushfire events on your website! By doing this attendees will no longer need to leave your website to register or purchase tickets for events. 

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1 - Launch Developer site

Visit developer.brushfire.com to get started. 


Step 2 - Create Widget

Next you can create a new Embeddable Widget and preview all Widgets created on your Brushfire Account. Click "CREATE WIDGET" to add a new Widget.


Step 3 - Complete Widget Configuration


    • Widget Name - Allows you to identify the widget on the Widget list screen (See above).
    • Display
      • One Event - shows a Brushfire single event 
      • Event List - Great if you have an event with multiple dates and/or times. When attendees click the button they will see a grid of all available events
    • Select An Event - If several events are on the Brushfire account start typing the event name to locate it.
    • Hosts - ***IMPORTANT*** the host is the main URL of the website where the widget will display. You can add more than one Host domain if you'd like. 

Step 4 - Customize Your Widget 

    • Button Color - 3 options available: Black, White or Blue


    • Button Text - Select the text for the Button or add custom text


    • Preview - preview the Event by clicking "Interactive Live Preview" button. This is how the Embeddable Widget will display on your website.


Step 5 - Copy Widget Code

Add the Embeddable Widget code to your website OR send the code to your developer.



Pro Tip: If you are using a website builder (WIX, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc.) locate the Embed feature and paste the code.

Step 6 - Finish

After all information is completed click "FINISH"


Good to Know

Once you return to the Widget Home Screen you will see the list of widgets created on this account. On this screen you can...

  1. Edit widget and/or copy the embed code
  2. Duplicate the widget and modify settings for another event
  3. Delete a widget


Need help? Contact us here.