How to Customize Confirmation Emails

Every order in Brushfire sends a confirmation email to the Buyer (if the order contains multiple ticket or registration purchases, the buyer can forward along to each attendee or the Event Organizer can send an email with tickets to each attendee closer to the event).

Customize your Confirmation Emails for Everyone
On the Content Tab in your Event Configuration, you can edit your Confirmation Email with an image
and/or copy that you want EVERY buyer to receive with their purchase.

From here, when you click the information icon, you can read about and then click the link to your
Ticket Type Tab to edit the Confirmation Email for specific registrant/attendee types in your Event.

Customize your Confirmation Email for Each Ticket Type
From the Ticket/Registrant Type Tab, when you click the pencil icon on the ticket, under the Main
Details section, if you scroll down near the bottom, there is another Confirmation Email box within the ticket type. What you put here will show up in the Confirmation Email ONLY when this ticket type is

Special Note: If you choose to customize in both places, make sure the language you use flows well with whatever text you choose for each ticket type.

You can also resend Order Confirmation Emails. Click the link to learn more!
To include an attachment in your Confirmation Email, check this article out.