Branding and Marketing Guide

For a quick overview of the branding and marketing capabilities within Brushfire, checkout the answers to the most asked questions!

Can we customize our event to look like our brand? 

Every event you create can be branded from start to finish. From a custom event page, targeted emails, e-tickets, and more. For all the specifics on what you can customize, image specs required, and more, learn more here.

Can I keep the ticket-buying experience on my site?

For those who want to keep the ticketing experience on their website, you can embed the Brushfire event directly on a page of your website.  We will help you generate a snippet of code to place on your website that brings the ticket page into an interior window of your website. 

Please note that some website providers may not support this, and sometimes, they could cause some visibility issues on mobile.

Do you offer any tools or integrations with Social Media?

Brushfire allows you to choose the text that appears as well as the image that will appear on social media sharing services. See how to customize this feature here.

Do you offer tools to track visitors and traffic analytics?

Brushfire event tracking helps you track Google Analytics traffic to and from Brushfire in a few simple steps. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to track the effectiveness of your Facebook ads through tracking pixels that you generate from the Facebook Ads Manager with Brushfire as well.  

What Emailing capabilities do I have?

Customers can send emails to all attendees from a specific event or to attendees across multiple events in your organization’s dashboard.