Donate Tickets Back

Donate Back is an incredible feature for event ticketing & registrations. Helping attendees understand how to donate back tickets is valuable in the event management process. Below you'll find a comprehensive guide on enabling the Donate Back.

Why use Donate Back?

  1. Decrease repetitive emails about what to do if an attendee can't make the show.
  2. Add another level of Self-Service for attendees to use.
  3. Prevent empty seats in the event.
    • This is incredibly helpful for free events. Attendees may reserve seats thinking they can attend but something may come up preventing them from attending.


Step 1 - Navigate to the Main Details tab for the eventScreen_Shot_2022-12-02_at_8.30.58_AM.png


Pro Tip - Communicate with attendees how to use the Donate Back feature via email at least 3 times starting 7 - 10 days before event. 


Step 2 - Enable Donate Back

Scroll to the bottom of the Main Details page. Immediately above the "SAVE" button is a check box to "Allow tickets to be donated back into available inventory prior to start of event." Simply check the box and now attendees have another level of self service.donate-gif.gif

Step 3 - Click Save.

When your attendee goes to Manage Attendees in from their Confirmation Email, they will see an option to donate back here: 

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 1.44.55 PM.png

Tickets will go back into inventory to be sold again but not trigger a refund for the customer.