Custom Payment Methods

Payment methods are determined by your payment gateway as well as some provided automatically by Brushfire. You also get to create your own types of payment methods by following these steps:

1. Create a Payment Method

To create a new payment method, you will need to go to the Payment Methods tab on the Sidebar of your Organization's Dashboard (Note: Not in the Payment Methods tab found within a specific Event Configuration). From there, you can click "Add Payment Method" at the top of the page. Then you will be able to add the name of the payment method and set the visibility.


Example: Adding the above payment method called Scholarship would allow admin users to select it as the payment method at checkout to note that the attendee is using a scholarship to pay for their registration.

2. Select Payment Method

Once the payment method is added, you can turn it on in the event you want it to be available for. To do this, edit the event and go to the payment methods tab from the event. There will be a list of available payment methods with an option to turn them on or off for admin or attendees.


3. Ready For Payments

Now that the payment method is turned on for admin, it will be available as an option at checkout for admin users.


Please note: Using a payment method that has been added does not charge any credit cards or your account. It will just note which orders and the amount of money that has been placed using the added payment method.