Pricing and Billing Guide

For a quick overview of pricing and billing works within Brushfire, checkout the answers to the most asked questions!

What is Brushfire’s pricing? 

We offer a straightforward pricing model at Brushfire. Our standard fee is $1.50 per paid attendee plus 1% of the ticket price, and $1 per free attendee (commonly referred to as $1.50 + 1% + $1). In addition to our ticketing and registration fees, you can expect a standard credit card processing fee based on your chosen processor. We have no start-up costs or annual fees, but if you prefer a more contractual relationship for business purposes, we're happy to discuss that further. Furthermore, fees are automatically deducted at the time of purchase for all online transactions.  

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For special Add-On services, like Virtual Events or Attendee Support, standard pricing is an additional $1 per attendee. Custom pricing is also available for services like On-Site support when applicable. 

To see if your larger organization qualifies for our customized pricing plans or to utilize our fee estimator, visit our pricing page.  

How does payment processing work?

We are compatible with payment gateways Square, our preferred partner, and Stripe. For standard pricing, you can usually expect to pay 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. However, depending on revenue volume, both parties offer discounted rates as well.  

How do fees and funding work?

With Square and Stripe, card processing fees and Brushfire fees are automatically deducted at the time of purchase for all online transactions. For tickets that don't use a payment processor (such as free, cash, or check), there are no card processing fees, and Brushfire fees will be billed on your monthly billing date to the card on file. Read more here about how to pass along fees to your customers. 

When setting up your payment gateway, you'll designate the bank account to receive your funds and the default with Square and Stripe is for the funds to be deposited daily, although some other options may be available.

How does reconciling work?

Each organization has a different approach, but we provide an R210 - Transactional History Report to reconcile Brushfire against your payment gateway's reports. Once you have verified the accuracy of Brushfire against your payment gateway's reports, you can then use other reports provided by your payment gateway to reconcile them to your bank deposits. 

For both Square and Stripe, you control the deposits of funds from your Brushfire transactions. For example, the most common option is for daily deposits. If someone makes a purchase on July 7th in Brushfire then your deposit on July 8th contains those funds. This means you can reconcile a daily report for July 7th in Brushfire with your deposit for July 8th in your bank. The only exceptions are rare, and they involve weekends and holidays where the dates might need to be adjusted slightly.  But even in those cases, a given day in Brushfire will still match the appropriate day in your bank deposits.

What is required to get started?

Getting started requires creating an account by providing basic organization information and a credit card. There will be a $1 authorization hold as part of the account creation process, which will automatically drop from the account within a few days. From there, you won’t be charged until your attendees begin registering or buying tickets. 

Can You Work With International Currencies?

We are able to process a select list of international currencies. You can transact in the following currencies:

Square: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, and GBP. 

Stripe: USD, AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, ILS, SEK, SGD, and NZD. 

How Can I See My Deposits?

Stripe’s Exporting Payout Report

Square’s Exporting Payout Report

For more details, please read our Billing Terms.