Create QR Code For Event Link

Are you looking to connect your event to a QR Code but aren't sure how? In this article we walk through selecting a QR Code generator, creating the QR Code and what to do with the QR Code once you create it.


If you are new to QR codes they are very easy to create and share allowing attendees quick access to your Brushfire event link by scanning the QR code. Scanning a QR Code is easy for attendees. Most smartphones use the camera and open the link embedded in the QR Code. 

Step 1 - Choose a QR Code generator

We are going to explore two methods for creating QR Codes: QR Code generator and the Google Chrome "Share" function. Both are great and produce easy to use QR codes.

A quick Google search brings up several QR Code generators. Most are free and you don't need to create an account to use the service. However, creating a free account will allow you to track analytics associated with a specific QR Code and allows you to download the QR Code again if you accidentally delete it.

QR Code Generators from Google Search

***You can also use the Google QR Code Generator native to Google Chrome (see below)***

Step 2 - Create QR Code

We chose QR Code Generator to create our QR Code. QR Code Generator offers a free account which allows tracking of QR Codes and analytics. It's also great to have a place to store all created QR Codes.

  1. Copy Brushfire Event link            BF-Event-Link.png
  2. Paste Brushfire Event Link to preferred QR Code Generator QR-Code.png
  3. Click Download

Pro Tip - Once you download the QR Code rename the

QR code for future reference.

Step 3 - Add QR Code To Marketing Material

What do I do with the QR Code? There are two main places to use the QR Code: Digital Marketing & Print Marketing

  1. After downloading the Event Link QR Code you can upload the QR Code to your Website or Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Keep in mind the attendee will need to use a mobile device to scan the QR Code.
  2. Add to print marketing for your event by including in documents, flyers, brochures, etc.

Google QR Code Generator

If Google Chrome is your default browser you can create quick QR Codes in the URL bar.


  1. Open Brushfire Event Link in Chrome
  2. Click "Share" icon in Menu bar (where the event URL is listed) 
  3. Select QR Code
  4. Click Download