Flex Pass: What it is & How to set one up

What is a Flex Pass and How Can I Use It?

A Flex Pass allows you to have the ability to sell custom, flexible event passes for access to multiple events and/or tickets to a single event. 

Here are some examples of what and how a flexible pass would be beneficial: 

  • Single pass with access to multiple events for an individual 

i.e. a sports pass for an ISD that allows a person access to 25 different sporting events within the school district. Set whatever custom restrictions you may have, such as access to all feeder schools only, a single high school, sports events other than football games, etc.

  • Single pass with flexible access to one or more events for one or more individuals 

i.e. a mini-game pass for a league that provides 10 tickets that one or more individuals can use for one or up to 10 different games

  • Passes with access to an attraction for single or multiple admissions 

i.e. a gift card for an attraction with specific timed entries, like a museum


Things to Keep In Mind About Your Flex Pass

Flex Passes will work differently from Season Tickets. While Season Tickets create attendees in each event connected to the Season Ticket, Flex Passes will not create attendees. The Flex Pass is like its own “event” but allows check-in for each event in the pass (which will be documented accordingly in your event reports). 

When setting up a Flex Pass, you must consider how you are prepared to handle capacity management. Passes can be used for general admission (GA) and assigned sections (sections that are still set up as general admission). These types of events allow more flexibility than an assigned seat ticketing event, however, you will have to monitor how many flex passes are sold connected to an event AND the amount of tickets being sold specifically for that event. You may have to reduce the capacity in Brushfire of the event tickets to be safe as you approach capacity for that event. If you don’t predominantly sell all your tickets online and handle a lot of walk-up ticket sales, your box office will need to keep an eye on what they’re selling vs. the number of attendees already checked in.

Furthermore, Flex Passes can be used with Assigned Seat Ticketing events however, they won't assign attendees to a specific seat. Therefore, if you are going to sell a Flex Pass connected to an AST event, you must be prepared for where you will seat your Flex Pass attendees, whether it be a special section of seats you didn’t sell in the AST event or maybe a standing-room-only area. Either way, Flex Passes attendees can be checked-in to an AST event with the expectation that their seat will be determined upon arrival. 

How To Set Up a Flex Pass

Flex Passes will be created as their own “Event” and can be connected to any or all of your other Brushfire events, so while the attendee doesn’t buy a ticket to a specific game, the Flex Pass allows them to be scanned in at an event as if they did. Furthermore, data can be tracked per Flex Pass and/or per event. 

You can set up a Flex Pass Event either through Event Creator or Manually from your Event Dashboard.

Event Creator View:



When setting up a Flex Pass manually, be sure to set the Flex Pass toggle to Yes as seen here:


As mentioned earlier, you will set up your Flex Passes as an Event, with different ticket types created as your different Flex Pass Options.

Then, while editing each Ticket Type Pass, you can set the pass parameters in a new section that appears here:


Set total redemptions, redemptions per event, and the time frame your redemptions are valid. Further, one of the options for Which event(s) do you want to allow this pass? is All Events with the following URL Key with the option to then add the URL Key.



Remember, a URL Key is when you have multiple related events, like camps, that you want to group and promote via a similar URL structure. You can assign them all the same URL Key under the Main Details tab in the Event Dashboard. That URL Key can be added here to connect to your Flex Pass.

Furthermore, the data entered into the new Flex Pass fields above, is what determines what will be displayed here in the Customer View:

However, the sentences above the orange boxes can be fully customized and typed out in the Description Text Field as seen here:

The more specific and the more details you can concisely state here will help your attendees deduce which pass is best for them. 

Please reach out to our Support Team if you need help setting up your Flex Pass. To learn about checking in Flex Pass Attendees and Flex Pass Reports, visit this Help Article














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