Time Slot Sales Configuration

Timed tickets allow entry to an event at a specific time each day. Guests purchase tickets for a particular slot and can only enter at this time. This allows your event to control the size of crowds and keep lines moving quickly. Time slots can be set for any duration and typically work best for big events and spaces that can accommodate large numbers of guests, such as museums, tours, festivals, and theme parks.

When this feature is enabled, your attendees will be presented with a streamlined experience that will help them pick their preferred time slot each day. This feature cannot be combined with Flex Pass or Assigned Seat Ticketing, and once it is turned on for an event, it cannot be turned off.

Setting Up Time Slot Ticketing

You must set your event to Time Slot Support either in Event Creator or when setting up a new event manually.


The tab previously labeled Registration Types or Ticket Types will now be labeled Time Slots in your Event Configuration. From there, you will first set up the ticket types, then the time slots and pass options (if applicable).

Please note a few things about the setup: 

  • A time slot or pass MUST be connected to at least one ticket type. 
  • A ticket type must be connected to at least one time slot. 
  • In the configuration, Passes will always be displayed below the Time Slots. 
  • Any event for which you provided text in the Sticky Information field under the Content Tab will display a blue star on the calendar, as shown in the very first screenshot. 

What Your Customers See

In the example below, the customer chose April 22, an afternoon preference, 3 p.m. as the desired time, and then the ticket options for that time slot were displayed.

This is how it looks when a customer chooses April 22 and wants the All Day Pass:

What Your Admins See

At the top, where it currently says 10 AM, admins can choose a time slot to purchase tickets. Below the ticket types, you can see which time slots/passes are still available for sale.

Further, as displayed below, you can click that 10 AM dropdown to see all time and pass options, as well as an option to display all possible ticket options at once. 


The R100 Attendee Report found in Detailed Reporting displays ticket type by time slot. Further, the Ticket Capacity Breakdown Report from the event’s Manage Page also provides real-time data overviews of what a day’s sales look like with capacity, sold, and remaining clearly displayed.

Please reach out to our team to see if Time Slot Ticketing is right for you or if you have any further questions about your event configuration.