Automatic Socially Distanced Assigned Seating

Due to COVID-19 requirements and regulations placed on events and weekly church services, a quick and easy way to social distance attendees is a must. So, naturally, we stuck our heads together and created this tool to take the weight off your shoulders.

To use this feature, contact Brushfire to set up a seating chart for your venue. Once it is created, it can be re-used for events in your venue.

We will do all the heavy lifting and configure your first event. Available seats will be displayed to your attendees when reserving spots. When selecting by "best available" spots, attendees will be automatically seated in the best available spots as picked by the system. 

When enabled, the system will automatically add 1, 2, 3 or more empty seats on either side of any group of seats reserved in an order, creating space between existing reservations and any subsequent orders.



As with all events, you are able to communicate guidelines for your event via Brushfire's Sticky Note function, accessible via the Content Edit Tab of your event.

For an introduction to assigned seating configuration, read this help article for instructions on blocking/reserving seats. 

This article focuses on editing seats from the event edit dashboard that can be accessed by clicking on the "pencil" icon next to your event name when signed in with your administrator password.

Editing Seats

To edit seats use the following steps:

1. From your event dashboard, click "Seats."


2. Click and highlight the seats you want to change. To unhighlight a seat, click it again. You may also use the checkboxes next to the row names to select and deselect entire rows.

3. Click the gear above the seats and next to your section's name to reveal the menu with the options you may change.

4. Select the option/value you would like to change for the seats you have selected.

5. If you would like to change multiple options at once, click "More Options" and make your changes in the window that appears.

Please Note: You may also change options for row properties by clicking the gear next to any row name.

Turning on Socially distanced Seats for your Assigned Seating Event
Use Brushfire's seat blocking/reservation tool to block rows and sections you wish to close to seating. One of the options when you click on the gear is to "Toggle Social Distance."

This will make seats/rows unavailable and label them with the social distancing indicator.


When editing seats, select the section you wish to "distance." An option will be visible to enable socially distanced seating. You are able to pick how many seats the system should block between already reserved seats and new reservations.

Enable the system to pick the best seats for attendees under Assigned Details.


Once the event is published, sit back and let Brushfire do the work. 

Automatically distanced seats will be visible in your sections and can be identified via the status bar at the bottom of the page when hovering over seats.




Row numbers and seat numbers are sent via e-ticket as well as any precautions and additional information you wish to include via "Ticket Notes" if you have enabled e-tickets for your event.

Use our attendee app for scanning tickets at the doors

After each event, you have the option to generate attendance reports and target communications to attendees from your events if needed.

Automatic Socially Distanced assigned seating comes with our Standard Tier Brushfire subscription. Contact us to set up yours today!