Adding Attachments to Brushfire Emails

You are not able to attach anything to emails sent through Brushfire. However, you can easily include a link to download attachments in the body of your email. To obtain the link you'll need to do the following:

  1. Add the document to your Media Library and make sure the file name does not contain any spaces
  2. Open the file by clicking on it in the Media Library
  3. Copy the full URL from your browser after the file has opened
  4. Alternatively, you can right click on the file in your media library and select "Copy Link Address"


Now that you have the download link to the file you want to attach, you can add it to an email blast to all your attendees as well as confirmation emails!

How to add the download link to an email blast:

  1. Go to your event’s Manage page
  2. Go to Emails
  3. Create a new Email or go to an existing draft
  4. In the Content area of the email, click on the icon of hyperlink
  5. Paste the link in URL and add the text you want to display



How to add the download link to a confirmation email:

  1. Edit the Content of your event
  2. Go to Confirmation Email Information
  3. Again, you will need to click the icon for hyperlink
  4. Paste the link in URL and add the text you want to display