Overview of Emails in Brushfire

There are three main types of emails within Brushfire:

  • Transactional Emails
  • Email Blasts
  • Email Reports

To learn what they all are and where they are located within Brushfire, as well as how to integrate with MailChimp, please read below. 

Transactional Emails

Confirmation Emails: These are sent to the email address provided by the buyer upon purchase. 

Notification Emails: Event Organizers can be bcc’d on every confirmation email, group creation email, and group updated email.  

Edit Locations: In the Event Configuration, you can customize your confirmation emails under the Content Tab of your event and/or customize ticket type-specific confirmation information while creating your ticket type in Main Details. You can specify the recipients of the Notification Emails under the Main Details Tab. All three options are indicated below:

Email Blasts

Event Emails: Per event, these can be created and sent to buyers, attendees, and/or group leaders.

Organization-wide emails: Send emails to market to everyone who has interacted with your event in Brushfire, whether it be for any event, all events, or any combination of events in your organization’s dashboard. 

Edit Locations: The first type can be done from the Manage Page of your event and the second kind can be done from the Side-Dashboard of your Organization Dashboard. See below:



Email Reports

Daily Manager Updates: Choose who gets an automatic daily update on your event with registration statistics and links to relevant reports for this event. 

Report Subscriptions: Either event-specific or organization-wide; you can subscribe anyone on your event team to any reports that have been created to keep your stakeholders in the loop.

Report Share Emails: Similar to Report Subscriptions, except this feature is for one-off reports you would like to send to your team to review. They are not sent on any type of recurring basis. 

Edit Locations: Daily Manager Updates can be set up under the Main Details Tab of your Event Configuration. The others can be found either in your Organization Dashboard or the Event Manage Page shown below:




Other Important Email Details

To view all emails you have scheduled in your account, quickly view them under the Email Scheduling part of your Organization Dashboard.

If for any reason, someone reports they are not receiving any type of Brushfire emails, you may have turned off Send system emails through Brushfire on your Main Details Tab of your Event Configuration. This will even prevent confirmation emails from being sent out if you have it off. 

Lastly, if you are interested in integrating your Brushfire account with MailChimp, learn more here