Resend a Confirmation Email

Resending a Single Confirmation Email
1. To resend a confirmation email, find the order (for more information, read How do I Find an Order?) and click on the order number to see the details.
2. If you need to change the email address before resending, click on the EDIT link, change the email and make sure you SAVE the changes. 
3. The email is ready to resend by clicking on the “resend confirmation” link beside the email address on the details page.
Resending Multiple Confirmation Emails
Confirmations can be batched up and resent en masse as well by selecting multiple orders from the ORDERS page.  Select all or some from your orders view (either filtered or unfiltered) and a GREEN box will appear beside the SEARCH box.  Click on this box to select the RESEND CONFIRMATIONS option.  Brushfire will tell you how many order confirmations you resent when successful.