Sending Event Emails from the Manage Page

Brushfire allows you to send emails to anyone attending your event, and it also allows you to customize these emails based on the data you have collected from your attendees. This tool is great for sending updates and important information about your event to the people attending it.


To send an event email, take the following steps:

1. From your event's manage page, click "Create" in the Emails section.

2. Next, select who you would like to send this email to. You may send this email to every attendee for your event, everyone who placed an order for your event, or everyone who created a group for your event.

3. You may now select which email address you would like to send this to. For attendees, each option in this list corresponds to an email field that you are collecting for your event's attendees.

4. You may also filter your email's recipients based on any attendee data you have collected.


5. Next, you need to fill out the sender information. The From Name is the name that will appear in the From line of the email, and the Reply To Address will be the email address that replies to this email will be sent to. The address information will be added as a footer to your email. This information is required by law for any mass emails sent out over the internet.


6. Event level emails also give you the option to customize your email based on any attendee information you have collected. Above the body text in the Content area, there is a dropdown called "Fields". Once you click it, a list of options will appear of attendee data you can insert into the email. Simply click on the information field you want to add, and it will be added into the body text. It will show up between two sets of "%%" that are required, but will be replaced with the attendee's information when sent. This allows you to make your emails feel more personal by including information specific to each attendee.



7. At this point, you have the option to view a preview of the email in a new window or send a preview email to any email address.

8. Under SPECIAL ITEMS, you are able to find contextual options to add to your email. You can include links to edit/update attendee information, make a follow-up payment if your registrations utilize payment plans, download e-tickets or insert an attendee's unique check in QR code in any follow-up or last-minute email reminders you send out leading up to your event.  (When including E-Ticket Download links, remind attendees to download their tickets BEFORE they arrive so that they don't have to wait for tickets to download when they stand in line ready to be checked in).

NOTE: When inserting SPECIAL ITEMS or fields, the inserted functions are not operational when previewing because they reference unique attendee data/functions. The fields/links/QR codes will populate with attendee-specific details and will become functional when the e-mails are sent.



You may duplicate an email via the to review and reschedule previously sent emails via the dropdown menu next to a previously sent  event email.

How to duplicate an email.png


9. Last, you select when the email should be sent. You can save it as a draft, which will save the email but not send it, you can send the email as soon as you save it, or you can schedule the email to be sent at a future time.


This article details the process for sending event-specific emails. If you would like to send an email to people across multiple events or your entire organization, please see How do I send emails to my customers? 


Sending Online Event Links: If you are hosting an online event and using Brushfire Online Experience and want to send attendees their online event link, you can insert their Online Experience link into a scheduled email. Learn more about that here.