Using Pre-Recorded YouTube Videos As Simulated-Live Content

With the Brushfire Online Simulated-Live feature, you can upload Pre-Recorded videos to YouTube and have them appear live on your Brushfire Online page. To set up a new piece of content, follow the steps below.

On Brushfire Online:


  1. From your Brushfire Online dashboard, select the channel that you want to add the SIMULATED LIVE content to.
  2. On the CONTENT tab click the "+" icon in the top right to add new content. 
  3. Select the type of content that you would like to add. For this situation, we are going to select "SIMULATED LIVE."


  1. On the DETAILS tab, you can label your content and give a description. You can also select the CHANNEL or channel's that you want the content to be posted to.
  2. Click NEXT, and you will be taken to the VIDEO tab. Select YouTube from the list of streaming providers.

On YouTube:

The next step will be the VIDEO URL of your content from YouTube. Go to your YouTube page, and open the video that you uploaded. You can "Unlist" the video on YouTube, but the video has to be set to "Public." You can get the VIDEO URL from a few places on YouTube.


  1. Option 1 - Start the video and right-click on the video. Select "COPY VIDEO URL."
  2. Option 2 - From your video page, click on the "SHARE" button below your video. 
  3. Click on "COPY."


Back on Brushfire Online:

After you have copied the Video URL from YouTube, go back over to your Brushfire Online page and paste the URL in the provided box. You can also set the start date and time of the simulated live stream. The VIDEO DURATION box is your total stream time in minutes. Screen_Shot_2020-08-14_at_9.11.03_AM.png


At the bottom of this page, you can automatically convert this content from your SIMULATED LIVE stream to ON-DEMAND content as soon as it ends. You can update the title, description, and the channel that the content will live. Click NEXT, complete the rest of the steps, and save. 



If you need to update/change the simulated live content, click on the "CONTENT" tab on the left-hand side, click the 3 dots on the content that you want to change. Click the "EDIT" button from the dropdown. 





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