How do I use Facebook Live to host the online stream for my event?

Whether you want to add a stream to a free or paid event, Brushfire Online gives you options to create an enhanced, customizable streaming experience for your online attendees. 
All you need is your existing streaming URL or embed code from the streaming service you use and add it to the desired channel in your Brushfire Online Dashboard. 
If you do not make use of a current streaming service, here is a simplified guide to setting up a live stream using Facebook Live to connect to Brushfire Online (see this help article for more information on how to add the embed code or URL in Brushfire Online).
  • Equipment to capture audio and video of your event (it could be as simple as a smartphone and a tripod or a laptop with a webcam or multiple cameras and audio gear).
  • Equipment to combine your video and audio feeds to provide the video feed you want to stream.
  • A hardware or software encoder that converts your video and uploads it to a server in real-time.
  • A Facebook Account / Facebook Page for your organization.


A Facebook Account.
To schedule broadcasts and to use external audio and video devices, or a pre-recorded video use Facebook Live Producer. ( Use your webcam to stream directly or if you want to connect external devices you can use a software or hardware encoder, you can connect the encoder with the Facebook generated stream key.  
Quickstart Tip: A quick and easy way to add your video to Brushfire Online if you stream from your phone, is to start your live feed in landscape mode (turning your device on its side) and to copy the Facebook video URL into the scheduled broadcast in Brushfire Online at the time of your broadcast.
Recommended Method
Use a computer or laptop and additional hardware like an external audio/video encoder to publish your live stream via Facebook using Facebook Live Producer. Get started by visiting
In your live stream dashboard, select Use Stream Keys (If you are using a paired encoder) OR select Camera to stream directly from your computer. You are able to generate an Embed Code for your scheduled broadcast which you will add to Brushfire Online. 
To go LIVE on Facebook:
Ensure that all of your settings on Facebook are correct. When you are ready to go live, hit "GO LIVE" on Facebook.
After selecting GO LIVE on Facebook, the blue live button will change to grey and say "Starting." During this time, you can copy the Embed Code, go over to your "Edit Content" page in Brushfire. 
Inside of Brushfire Online: Under "Content Type" select "LIVE" - Under "Provider" select "Facebook Live" - paste your embed code - hit save!
Simulated Live:
The preferred method for posting a Simulated - Live stream to Brushfire Online, is to select "Simulated Live" under "Content Type" in Brushfire, select  Facebook as your Provider and then paste the LIVE VIDEO URL of your Live Stream in the field provided. The LIVE VIDEO URL will populate on your Facebook producer page AFTER you go live. Also, if you are uploading a video to Facebook and premiering it at a later date, you can also use the same steps as above, and paste your video URL in the Brushfire content page.

See the following help article for more information about adding your URL in Brushfire Online:
Facebook Help Articles: 
More information.
Many recommendations are available online for hardware that allows your existing live production team to encode your video feed to online streaming services like these and Content Distribution Networks. Some free open source software encoders are available. e.g. Open Broadcaster Software
Here are some recommendations from our friends at Hillsong Technology and Google.