How do I stream meetings, webinars and live interviews using Zoom?

Brushfire Online is the perfect solution for streaming meetings, interviews or webinars using Zoom.


Additionally you can use Brushfire to manage your registrations and Brushfire Online to host your live webinar stream with moderated chat support and related content to support your online event.

Equipment: Use the same setup you would for a zoom meeting.

Cost: Zoom has a free option for meetings under 40 minutes. There is a cost associated based on the service you choose. 
Zoom recommends integrating with YouTube to stream your meeting/webinar. Please note that there is a 24 hour waiting period when configuring a YouTube account for live streaming. Read more about setting up a YouTube account for live streaming.
To enable Live Streaming of a Zoom Meeting, go to
  1. Schedule your Zoom Meeting as usual for the time you want to Broadcast the meeting.
  2. Start your meeting to connect your Zoom and YouTube accounts.
  3. Streaming options will appear on More in the Zoom Toolbar. Select Live on YouTube.
The first time you select this option, you'll be able to give Zoom permission to broadcast via your YouTube Channel.
Select the settings you want to use for your broadcast.
A new stream URL is generated in YouTube each time you start broadcasting a live Zoom meeting.
If you are streaming your meeting live you need to copy and paste your Youtube Embed Code into the space provided on your Content Video Edit tab.
Update the Stream URL in Brushfire online prior to going live to ensure that the correct live stream starts in Brushfire Online at the scheduled time.
Presenters can monitor live stream status at the top left of your screen during the Zoom Meeting while broadcasting. Additionally, the streaming link can be copied from the LIVE dialogue option in Zoom and added to Brushfire Online immediately prior to Broadcast.
Alternatively, recorded Zoom meetings can be added in Brushfire online as related content in a Channel, or scheduled to be streamed as Simulated Live Broadcasts.
Copy your EMBED CODE from YouTube into Brushfire Online. 
Promote your Brushfire Online page on your website and on social media. Send your Brushfire Online page via email to your registrants.