How do I use Twitch to host the online stream for my event?

Whether you want to add a stream to a free or paid event, Brushfire Online gives you options to create an enhanced, customizable streaming experience for your online attendees.

All you need is your existing streaming URL or embed code from the streaming service you use and add it to the desired channel in your Brushfire Online Dashboard.

If you do not make use of a current streaming service, here is a simplified guide to setting up a live stream using Twitch to connect to Brushfire Online.

  • Equipment to capture audio and video of your event (it could be as simple as a smartphone and a tripod or a laptop with a webcam or multiple cameras and audio gear).
  • Equipment to combine your video and audio feeds to provide the video feed you want to stream.
  • A hardware or software encoder that converts your video and uploads it to a server in real time.
  • Alternatively, you can upload pre-recorded videos to play in different channels on your Brushfire Online page (Simulated Live Streaming).


A Twitch Account.

Share live and recorded streams. ( A software encoder is required to share your screen or stream live video.

Twitch is an online streaming service, primarily used by the gaming community to stream video and audio.

More in-depth information on how to configure live streaming in Twitch can be found here.

Use a computer or laptop and additional encoder hardware or software to publish your live stream via Twitch. Twitch generates a stream URL and Embed Code to Share via Brushfire Online. 


Copy your live stream Embed Code by viewing your Channel and paste this in Brushfire. Your live stream will show up when you are broadcasting.


To configure your Twitch stream, go to your Creator Dashboard by clicking on your profile icon in the top right.

Download one of the recommended software encoders via the Streaming Tools Dashboard.


Configure your hardware or software encoder. is one that is recommended.

You will be asked for a stream key by your encoder. Find it here: Follow the prompts when installing the encoder and enable a method of video capture. 


When you are ready to go live, go online by clicking on your profile picture in the top right. Go to your dashboard in your Encoder software or hardware Interface and click on Start Streaming.

Your stream will show up in your Brushfire Online channel.

Brushfire Online provides a home for your event stream, with multiple channels, moderated chat features, links to related content and other customizable features, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Learn more about signing up here.

More information.
Many recommendations are available online for hardware that allows your existing live production team to encode your video feed to online streaming services like these and Content Distribution Networks. Some free open source software encoders are available. e.g. Open Broadcaster Software

Here are some recommendations by our friends at Hillsong Technology and Google.