Copying an Assigned Seating Event

Copying an assigned seating event for multiple performances, church services, and anything else is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Duplicate the previous event. You can duplicate any event by clicking the icon below:


2. Once you click the icon this will automatically start creating your new event. Simply update the necessary details for this event (most often this just means updating the date and time to your new event). When you are done, click "Create".

3. The last step to copying your event is to update the pricing details (this step is required for all assigned seating events, free or paid). Using the "ticket types" or "registrant types" tab shown below.


Click the pencil to edit the ticket or registrant type.


Click the price tab and mark the checkbox next to the correct price for that ticket type. 


You're all set! Your event can now go live!

Click here to learn more about assigned seating and Brushfire's social distance feature.