Selling Seats for an Assigned Seat Event

Brushfire provides an intuitive interface for you to sell assigned seat tickets to your event. For more information on how to create assigned seats for your event, please read Adding Seats to an Assigned Seating Event.

Selling Seats

Selling seats in Brushfire has been designed to be both simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to get started:

If your event has been configured with an interactive venue map, you will see a clickable representation of your venue on your event page. Click a section to view its seats.


You should now be able to see a visual representation of the seats in the section you selected. Seats with holds will appear in their respective colors, and seats that have already been purchased will appear red. Seats in your cart will be highlighted in green.


Clicking on a seat on this screen will add it to your cart. If the price level of the seat has multiple active ticket types associated with it, you will be asked to select a ticket type before the seat is added to your cart.

To select seats from another section, you may either click the back arrow to return to the venue map or select a new section from the section dropdown.

Once you have selected all of your seats, click the Checkout button to begin the checkout process.

Selling Group Tickets

To sell tickets at a group rate, please follow these steps:

If your event has a ticket type with a minimum quantity greater than one, you will see buttons to create or join a group above your venue map. 

  1. Click either the "Create New Group" or "Join Existing Group" button above the venue map.
  2. If you clicked "Create New Group," the following window will appear. Fill out the form and click Save to create your group.


3. If you clicked "Join Existing Group," a different window will appear. In this window, select the name of your group and enter the passcode given to you by the group leader.


4. Group ticket options will now be available to you.

Using Access Codes

Seats associated with access codes cannot be sold to anyone who does not have the correct access code. To use an access code, enter it in the box at the top of the page before selecting your section.