Edit Existing Seats

This article focuses on editing seats from the event dashboard. For information on how to edit seats from the front-end assigned seating page, take a look at What are Sales Mode and Edit Mode When Selling Assigned Seats?

Once you have created a section with seats in it, you can edit many aspects of these seats such as, hold state, wheelchair state, limited view status, price, and seat type. You can also add notes to seats, add and remove access codes, and add and remove seats themselves. If your section does not have seats yet, please read How do I add Seats to my Assigned Seating Event?

About Seats

In Brushfire, assigned seats have a number of options:

  • Hold State - Hold states allow you to prevent regular customers from purchasing seats with special conditions while also allowing you to color code seats so that your team will know the reason why a seat is being held.
  • Empty Space - Setting a seat as an empty space allows you to create space in your assigned seating section so that it better reflects your venue in real life. Set a seat as an empty space if you have gaps in the seats in a row at your venue.
  • Wheelchair Seat - Wheelchair seats are meant to represent the open spaces in your venue where people who sit in wheelchairs can be seated. Wheelchair seats cannot be purchased by regular online users. They must be sold by a user who is at least an Agent in your organization
  • Limited View - These are the seats in your venue that do not necessarily have a clear view of the stage. They may be far off to the edge of the auditorium, or they may be located behind a pillar or camera well. When purchasing one of these seats, the customer will be notified that the seat has a limited view before the seat is added to their cart.
  • Notes - Use these to communicate important information about a particular seat or block of seats to your entire team. These notes appear in the bar along the bottom of the page whenever a seat is moused over.
  • Price - This is the price that customers will be charged for a given seat. These prices can be edited on the "Prices" tab of your event dashboard.
  • Access Code - Access Codes allow you to require a password to allow your customers to buy specific seats.

Editing Seats

To edit seats follow the following steps:

1. From your event dashboard, click the "Seats" tab.


2. Click on the seats you want to change to highlight them. To unhighlight a seat, click it again. You may also use the checkboxes next to the row names to select and deselect entire rows.

3. Click the gear above the seats and next to your section's name to reveal the menu with the options you may change.


4. Select the option/value you would like to about the seats you have selected.

5. If you would like to change multiple options at once, click "More Options..." and make your changes in the window that appears.

Please Note: You may also change options for row properties by clicking the gear next to any row name.