Adding Seats to an AST Event

Before you can add seats to an Assigned Seating Event, your event must first have sections. If you need help adding sections, please read our article How Do I Manage an Assigned Seating Section?

Creating Seats

Follow these steps to add seats to an Assigned Seating Section:

1. Click the "Seats" tab on your event dashboard or select "Seats" from your event's edit menu on the event list.

2. Once your page has loaded, use the dropdown to select a section.

3. Select the number of rows in the section, whether they have alphabetic or numeric names, whether they should be called rows, tables, or pews, and whether or not the seat labels should have consecutive, even or odd numbers, then click the "Create" button


4. In the table that appears, specify how many seats each row should have, which seats, if any, are empty spaces, and what number the seat labels should start with. This is also a good time to delete any extra rows or change any incorrect row names.


5. Click "Create Seats"

You should now see a seat map representation of your section. From this map, you can select seats and edit their properties. For more information, please read How do I Edit Seats?