Sales v. Edit Mode When Selling Assigned Seats

This article focuses on managing seats from the front end interface of Brushfire. If you would like to read about how to manage seats on the event dashboard, take a look at Editing Seats for an Assigned Seating Event.

The seat selling page in Brushfire has two modes, Sales Mode and Edit Mode. Sales Mode is the mode in which you sell seats, and Edit Mode allows you to make minor modifications to the properties of the seats in a section.

Sales Mode

Sales Mode is the default mode for the seat-selling interface in Brushfire. You can read more about how this interface works in our article, Selling Seats for an Assigned Seating Event.

Edit Mode

You can switch to Edit Mode by selecting it from the mode dropdown on the seat selection page. 



Once you have selected Edit Mode, the sidebar will disappear and selected seats will now highlight in blue.


You can now use the options menu to add and remove hold states as well as change the Wheelchair State, add Notes and change the seat type of any seats you select in this view. For more information on seat options, read our article, Editing Seats for an Assigned Seating Event.

Options Menu

Now that you're in Edit Mode, you can use the options menu to edit any seats you have selected. Here is a quick breakdown of the options available to you.

  • Special Needs, Blocked (Black), Aqua, Pink, Purple, Gray, Neon, Bronze, Socially Distance, Don't Hold - These options will change the hold state of the seats which you have selected. Select a color to apply the corresponding hold state to your selected seats, or select "Don't Hold" to remove any hold states that have been applied. When seats are held, only admin users will be able to select them, they will be blocked off to the public for purchase.
  • More Options - This option will present you with a window that allows you to change the Wheelchair State, Notes and Seat Type as well as the Hold State of any seats you have selected. You may also change multiple seat properties at once from this window.