How do I edit parameters in Detailed Reports?

Each detailed report in Brushfire contains different parameters that are specific to that report, but they all function in a very similar manner.

The screen shot above is from a sample report that allows you to customize the date range as well as select the events, stores, and/or payment methods that you want included in your report.

For any date parameters ("Start Date" and "End Date" in this case), you'll see a gray button out to the right with a downward pointing triangle. If you click on it, you'll be presented with a menu of options to help you provide the desired date.

This way you can quickly select from commonly used dates (now, today, yesterday, the first of recent weeks, months, years, etc) as well as selecting "Custom date" to type in a specific date and time of your choosing.


For other parameters that allow you to select one or more options, you simply click on the option and a menu will appear that has the allowed options with checkboxes next to them.  Select the checkbox next to the options you want to appear in your report (or click "select all" to select/deselect all options in the list).

Once all the parameters are set the way you want them for your report, click the blue "Run Report" button at the top of the screen and the report will be regenerated according to the options you've selected.

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