How do I get a report of cancellations or refunds processed for an event?

There are two ways to track refunds or cancellations for an event:

R210 - Transaction History
This report can be filtered to show every transaction for a specific event. Once filtered to one event you can easily track all of the refunds by payment method or within a set date range. For more information about how to run and configure this report please read this help article

Please Note: In Brushfire it is possible to cancel an attendee without refunding their money. The R210 - Transaction History report does not include that info.

Order History
From the Orders page you can do a search that will only show adjustment orders. An adjustment order is any financial or transactional change that has been made to an attendee or order, including attendee type changes and exchanges.

To view adjustment orders for all of your events, go to the Orders page and follow the steps below. To view adjustment orders for a specific event, go to the event's Manage page, click the Orders link, select "VIEW" and follow the steps below.

Click the drop down arrow next to the search box and select Advanced Filter. Once the Advanced Filter menu appears, scroll down to is Adjustment. Check the box next to this option and set the corresponding drop down to True, then click the Filter button.


If you need additional help tracking down cancellations or refunds, please submit a request for assistance.