What Detailed Reports can I run?

We've crafted a very powerful event management system that gives you the flexibility to do almost anything with your event. But we know that doesn't mean anything if you can't run accurate reports before, during, and after your event to break down the many different types of data the system has collected for you -- especially payment information.

Reports in Brushfire are broken down into two primary categories:

  • Overall detailed (including financial) reports (available on your dashboard)
  • Event-specific reports based on the data you collect (available on each event's Manage Page)

This article primarily focuses on the first category: detailed/financial reports.  For more information on event-specific reports and other event-specific management tools, please check out this article.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 10.44.20 AM.png

There are 11 detailed reports in Brushfire available in your Dashboard as displayed in the above screenshot.  A brief explanation of the purpose of each follows:

R100 - Attendee Breakdown

This report provides a quick overall summary for one or more events that shows the total number of available capacity, reserved, and remaining for each attendee ticket type as well as the totaled numbers of those categories within the event(s) you've chosen to view.

R110 - Seat Breakdown

This report will only generate output for assigned seat events.  It provides a very helpful snapshot of a matrix of all the different ticket states so you can see what is available vs unavailable for one or more selected events.

R120 - Daily Attendee Breakdown

For the selected events, this report will show you how many tickets were sold each day* since the first day of sales.  An additional, powerful option of this report is the ability to "normalize start dates." This allows you to take two events that did not start selling on the same calendar day and compare their sales on day 1, day 2, etc. of sales for each event.

R200 - Revenue Breakdown

This is the most commonly run report in our system. It provides an accurate breakdown -- by event or store -- for all the funds received for the selected events. It displays the number of orders and attendees, as well as totals for the price, add-ons, discounts, fees, taxes, and delivery charges. It totals all this for you by event as well as by attendee type and price level. Additionally, you can choose to include Brushfire fees from R900. If you are looking to settle up for a specific event or events, this is the report for you.

R210 - Transaction History

This report is primarily used by accounting departments to reconcile Brushfire against their payment gateway.  This report is set up to display a 1-to-1 breakdown of Brushfire orders to transactions. This report still displays the event/store that the order was associated with, but it doesn't summarize or total the amounts -- it keeps them all separate so you can reconcile specific transactions with an external system.  For information about reconciling with your gateway instead of directly to your bank deposits, check out this article.

R220 - Payment Method Breakdown

This report is similar to R200, but this report primarily groups by the payment method used for each order and totals the amounts accordingly. Under each payment method, it is then broken down by event/store. If you need to total up a certain payment method for a specific event or events, this is the report for you.

R230 - User Reconciliation

This report breaks down how many tickets were sold by each user account and which payment method was used and the amount totals. This is helpful for reviewing on-site sales for a particular day. 

R300 - Promotion Breakdown

This report shows how many Promo Codes were used, the total amount discounted with its use, and for which events the promo codes were used for.

R310 - Outstanding Balance Breakdown

This report shows a breakdown of each person per event and what is due, how much has been paid, and what is still outstanding. 

R710 - Usher Seat List

For each event, display seat information either by Name View, Seat View, or Seat View with Seat History on it. 

R900 - Billing Summary

This report can be filtered by a date range or a specific event/events. This will display the total cost of Brushfire's fees for each event as well as a breakdown of how those attendees were charged.

To learn how to edit your Detailed Reports, read more here

* - R120 has an unfortunate constraint that prevents it from taking into account daylight saving when calculating daily totals, so some orders placed during the first or last hour of the day during daylight saving may appear on the previous or next day in the list, but all totals will still be correct. Dates that are not during daylight saving are unaffected and will reflect accurate totals.