Emailing Event Information to Online Attendees

You can never communicate with your attendees too much, especially for an online event! While we highly recommend connecting your channel to your event early on in your registrations, it is also a great a idea to remind your attendees of your upcoming online event!

You can see directions for sending out an email to your attendees here.

When your event is connected to a Brushfire Online Channel there will be a link added in the special link dropdown called "Online Experience Link" (as shown below).



This will automatically add a link into your email.Screen_Shot_2021-01-14_at_3.28.04_PM.png


Just add some informational text around it and you will be ready to send!

This link will give attendees direct access to the channels they have available! Sending out the email will ensure that your attendees are ready and have the link available for when the event begins.

For more information of how to email your attendees click here.