Connecting Your Event to Brushfire Online Channel


Connecting your Brushfire Event to a Brushfire Online Channel means your event attendees have easy access to your online content and are ready to go on the day of your event! Below, you will find step-by-step instructions, as well as, all of the features the integration has to offer.

Getting Ready

As soon as the Channel is connected, your attendees will have immediate access. You can view what they will see by previewing the channel.


***Note*** Unregistered viewers will encounter your custom branded paywall. You can include a link back to your registration if you'd like. This page is fully customizable under the Channel theme.


While we highly recommend connecting the Brushfire Registration to your Channel as early as possible. You will want to make sure that all of your artwork and default video (if necessary) are set in place!

Once you are happy with your channel, follow these steps to connect your Brushfire Event to your Brushfire Online Channel(s).

Connecting Your Event

Click Edit to connect the channel to your Brushfire event.


Choose the Availability tab in the channel configuration menu.


Enter your Brushfire Event Number. This is found in your event URL as the last 6 digits.


Once you click “Add” you will see your event and attendee types appear. Check the box next to the attendee types you would like to grant access to your Brushfire Online Channel and enter the number of screens each attendee is allowed.



We recommend 2-3 screens per attendee so participants are able to watch on their phone, tablet, computer, etc. with no interruptions.

Click Save and now your Brushfire Event is connected to your Brushfire Online Channel!

Pro Tip: Use the refresh button to confirm that all desired registrant/ticket types are connected to your channel if you have changed registrant types or have enabled any previously disabled ticket types on your event's Registrant/Ticket Types Edit Tab.

To refresh connections for past events, you can privately re-publish your event registration as an active event, refresh the connection and unpublish the event again after confirming that all the correct ticket types are connected.

What's next?

Now that your Brushfire Event and Brushfire Online Channel are connected the following will automatically appear on your event:

Attendee Types

A link appears next to each attendee type in your event's configuration showing you which channel(s) the type will allow attendees to access.


Event Page

A link to access your channel will appear on your event so your attendees can easily find your online content if they go looking for it on your event page.


Confirmation Email

Attendees receive a link to access the channel(s) directly from the confirmation email. Note this applies to future attendees only.


Email Blast 

You can now send a link from your Brushfire Event's Manage page directly to all attendees with their access link. Learn more about sending emails to your attendees here.