Testing your Brushfire Online Experience

Testing your Brushfire Online Experience

Testing your Online Event content is a key part of preparing for success. Testing will help you know exactly what your attendees will see and how they will experience your event. Below are a few tips we have to help you do some testing.

Create a Private Channel

Creating a private channel to test will mean you will not have any risk of any of your attendees accidentally coming across your content. You can see how to create a channel here. Under the availability tab simply checkbox the “Make this channel private” option.

If all your content is assigned to your private/draft channel in addition to access protected channels, you can preview all your content during your broadcast. An easy way to test is to duplicate your content, update the date and time and assign it to this channel for trial runs.

Test the Embed Code

If you are using a live stream for your event we highly recommend doing a test run with your embed code. You can do this by setting up a live video (see more information here), adding it to your private channel and then setting it to go live. This will help you feel confident that you have all of the correct settings for your event. 

Test a Prerecorded Video

While prerecorded does not have all of the logistics of a live video, we still highly recommend testing a url that you will be using for the event. This will confirm that the video settings are correct, and especially that it is not a private url. If you use a YouTube link, make sure the Video URL is the one generated via the share option and does not contain “watch?v=”. Make sure your video is not set to Private. Use Unlisted options instead when setting privileges in your video configuration settings.

Complete a Test Registration

Once you have all of the artwork and content in place you can do a test registration in your event and click the “Attend My Event” link for each ticket type. If you have multiple channels with different access based on the ticket type this will confirm that access for each ticket type is set correctly and each attendee can enter the channel without any issues.

Managing Users

Make sure all your users or chat hosts can sign in and access the online dashboard/chat host panels ahead of time. Once your content is set up, you can copy the direct links for the chat host panel of each piece of content and provide that to your chat hosts for easy access.