Quickly Search Past Customer Data to Speed Up Checkout

Searching using past customer information

Brushfire stores the address/contact information of everyone who places an order for you so that as an administrator, when checking out on behalf of a customer, you can quickly find a past customer and potentially save time by not having to re-enter their information.

Once you have items in your cart, on the right side of the checkout page you will see a "Quick Customer Search" text box at the top of the "Billing Information" section.


Start typing all or part of the customer's name in this box. Brushfire will search and a list of potential matches will appear.  If the customer's name is very common (i.e. John Smith) consider typing in a more unique identifier such as their email address or street name.  Brushfire searches all fields collected within the customer data.  If none of the suggestions apply, simply click away from the results box and continue checking out.

Using attendee information during checkout

Additionally, when capturing address information per attendee, you also have the ability to select one of the attendee's records to populate the buyer information.


Simply select the desired attendee and the checkout form will be instantly populated from their information.