Using Brushfire As A Kiosk

If you plan on setting up a computer/device where your customers can walk up to it and place orders themselves, then you MUST enable the kiosk mode in Brushfire.

This is very important as kiosk mode puts several features in place to ensure that customer information is not stored as other customers engage with the kiosk. (As an additional safeguard, it is also advisable to turn off any browser AutoFill settings if you plan to place different orders with the same computer).

To enable Kiosk mode, you must first be logged in as an administrator and then visit


From this page, you can enable/disable kiosk mode as well as a few other features:

  • You can select from the list of your events where you want them to return after an order is complete, or you can specify a custom Start URL where they will return.
  • You can tell Brushfire if a USB card swipe is connected (PC/Mac only, not on iPads) 
  • You can enable/disable kiosk mode with the large on/off buttons.

*Please note that USB Card swipes are not compatible with Stripe and Square payment gateways.

Once you've specified your desired options and clicked "On", you will need to sign out. Clicking the sign out link on the page will take you directly to the start URL you've provided and the computer/device will be ready to go in kiosk mode.


Note: Kiosk configuration is only specific to the device + browser that it was configured in. If you open Brushfire on another device or another browser, it will not be in Kiosk mode. 

To disable Kiosk mode, click on the link in the top menu bar to sign in with your administrator account and then return to and turn it off by clicking the large "Off" button.