Using Custom Layouts, Configuring Name Badges and using the Event Print Utility

We recommend that only advanced users update options on the Layouts Edit Tab. Ask us before you change anything, as this could adversely affect the e-tickets your attendees receive when signing up.

When you have an event that requires a customized e-ticket or a name badge, Brushfire uses the Layouts tab in the event dashboard to configure the layout or appearance of your default e-ticket or name badge.


Because Layouts utilize JSON code, you may need to consult with a Brushfire Client Support Specialist to help you update this. Please be aware that requests for custom coding for e-tickets, name badges, or other print layouts have a 2-3 business day turnaround time.

To learn more about customization options for e-tickets, please visit our help article on event branding.

Customizable ticket and name badge layouts offer a valuable feature – the ability to include additional fields on an attendee's e-ticket. These fields can display information such as shirt size, meal preferences, or any other details attendees provide during the sign-up process.

Printing and preview options are available on the right-hand side of your Manage dashboard. 


You can also preview a specific attendee's customized e-ticket or name badge by finding an attendee in your Attendees list, clicking the blue MANAGE button, and selecting the View/Save options. 


Alternatively, you can print e-tickets or name badges from your event's quick-access print utility. 


Printing Name Badges via The Print Utility

Access the Print utility on your event's Manage page.


Each event has a print utility that can be used to create print jobs that use custom layouts. This is separate from the print options available on your orders page to print will-call tickets and generic mailing labels.  Read more about that here.

By default, events do not include pre-configured name badges. However, we offer the option to create a custom badge layout for your event. To get started, please contact us via the link at the bottom of this help article. Be sure to provide us with the badge sheet template specifications, badge sizing requirements, and the specific attendee field data you'd like to display on your name badges.

Please keep in mind that custom coding requests for e-tickets, name badges, or other print layouts have a 2-3 business day turnaround time.

Always print a test page to verify that your badge alignment is accurate. This step ensures that your name badges will be correctly positioned. Additionally, allocate sufficient time in case any adjustments are necessary.

To print all your badges, apply a blank filter, as in the screenshot below, and select Print Name Badges to preview your badges.


In the print utility, you can also use filters to print badges in batches based on filter criteria. You can save print jobs based on these filters, mark badges or tickets as printed, and then return to print unprinted badges if you need to keep track of your printing.

When configuring badges, we can set badges to print in alphabetical order if needed. 

Contact us here if you would like to request a quote to customize your e-tickets, name badges, or another custom print layout for your event.

Please Note: Custom coding requests for e-tickets, name badges, or other print layouts have a 2-3 business day turnaround time. Due to the extra time required, these requests are not an immediate service.