Creating and Printing Custom Name Badges for Your Event

By default, events do not include pre-configured name badges. However, we offer the option to create a custom badge layout for your event. To get started, please contact us via the link at the bottom of this help article. Be sure to provide us with the badge sheet template specifications, badge sizing requirements, and the specific attendee field data you'd like to display on your name badges.

Please keep in mind that custom coding requests for e-tickets, name badges, or other print layouts have a 2-3 business day turnaround time.

Printing Custom Name Badges

Always print a test page to verify that your badge alignment is accurate. This step ensures that your name badges will be correctly positioned. Additionally, allocate sufficient time in case any adjustments are necessary.

To print all your badges, apply a blank filter, as in the screenshot below, and select Print Name Badges to preview your badges.


In the print utility, you can also use filters to print badges in batches based on filter criteria. You can save print jobs based on these filters, mark badges or tickets as printed, and then return to print unprinted badges if you need to keep track of your printing.

When configuring badges, we can set badges to print in alphabetical order if needed. 

When it comes to printing name badges for your events, Brushfire offers a range of options to suit your budget and technical capability.

Most Common Method

Our most popular choice is the 4x3 inch thermal paper name badges. These badges can be printed in black and white or with pre-printed artwork. You have the flexibility to print on one side or both sides. The Zebra ZD 620 printer is the go-to option for most of our event organizers. With this printer, you can easily print directly from your laptop. Many events prefer to have their artwork pre-printed on paper name badge stock and only print attendee names and QR codes on demand during check-in.

With Brushfire on-site support, you can print Name Badges from the Brushfire mobile app from a self-service event kiosk. All the necessary printers, equipment, and name badges are available to rent from our partner, Choose 2 Rent.

Premium Options

For a premium experience, you can print your own custom plastic or laminate badges. Simply pre-print them from the name badge vendor of your choice. On-site, you can use white or clear labels to make necessary re-prints or name changes by affixing the label on top of extra badges that don't have names yet.

With Brushfire's on-site support, self-service event kiosks make the process even more convenient. You can order labels and printers for this option from Choose 2 Rent.

Another premium option is to print full-color plastic badges on demand. Rent a high-end printer to print your own badges, either on paper or plastic. You have the freedom to pre-print all your artwork or print on demand when needed. Please note that self-service event kiosks are not compatible with this method. Choose 2 Rent offers all the necessary plastic badge stock and equipment for this option.

Economy Option

If budget is a concern, you can opt for Avery 3x4 perforated sheets of name badges. Print the artwork, names, and QR codes in full color using any color laserjet printer you have available.

At Brushfire, we have the solution to meet all your name badge printing needs. Choose the option that suits you best and make a lasting impression at your next event. Contact our team to learn more!

Contact us here if you would like to request a quote to customize your e-tickets, name badges, or another custom print layout for your event.

Please Note: Custom coding requests for e-tickets, name badges, or other print layouts have a 2-3 business day turnaround time. Due to the extra time required, these requests are not an immediate service.