Mobile App: Direct Print via USB or Bluetooth

Learn how to utilize Direct Print in the Mobile App to connect various printers, including Star, Zebra, or Brother. Direct Print via USB or Bluetooth allows you to print with no network required! Each printer brand will have slightly different prompts but follow the same general setup flow.

The Brushfire mobile app is not compatible with Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Low Energy. Please confirm your printer supports Bluetooth Classic prior to your event.

Configure Direct Printing

Troubleshooting Tips

The app will tell you if there's an issue with your printer that needs to be addressed like out of paper, cover open, disconnected, etc.

If your printer isn’t printing correctly:

  • Ensure the printer is turned on
  • Ensure the printer is connected to the device (in the device’s Bluetooth settings)
  • Try reconnecting the printer in Print Settings (from the side menu)
  • Try reconfiguring Brushfire’s settings
  • Turn the printer off and back on again
  • The Bluetooth light should be on (MCP3)