Print Will Call Tickets and Mailing Labels

Finding Will Call Orders

You can batch up and print tickets and labels easily and efficiently either by a specific event or comprehensively.  Brushfire makes it very easy if you want to print your Will Call tickets for a given event.  

1. While logged in, go to the START page and find your event.  Click on the wrench icon to access the MANAGE. Once on the manage page, select the ORDERS tab on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side of the orders page, there is a dropdown under PRINT ORDERS. From here you can select to print Will Call or Mail Tickets.   



2. To print the tickets in one run, select ALL by clicking on the checkbox above the orders (see top left above the other checkboxes by order).  

3. When any or all of the checkboxes are selected on this page a GREEN box appears just to the left of the SEARCH box.  


4. Click on this for more options, including printing tickets, mailing labels (used for batching and mailing orders), Will Call labels, which default to LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (contact us if you’d like a different format), 

5.  After you've printed them, while they are still selected, you can click on the green box again to mark them as fulfilled or flag them so you can readily find just the ones that might happen to come in after you print a given batch.