Brushfire Online Analytics

The Analytics feature is a great way to track the number of unique viewers, interactions, and overall engagement for your stream, meeting, or event! 



Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.53.21_AM.pngUnique Viewers: This is the number of viewers that have accessed your stream, meeting, or event. 

       Note: Viewership is active once attendees receive access to your event page prior to the live stream through the end of your event. 

Peak Simultaneous Viewers: This is the highest number of viewers that are watching your stream at the same time. 

Total View Duration: This is the collective number of minutes that your stream was watched. 

Average View Duration: This is the overall average of watch time on your stream, in minutes. 

Reactions: This is where you can see the number of times a reaction was used during your stream.




Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.53.31_AM.pngIf you have enabled interactions for your stream, meeting, or event, you will be able to see the results here. Each interaction will be displayed with the question you asked, the answers that you curated, and the number of times a viewer selected that answer.  



Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.53.46_AM.pngNumber of people in chat: This is where you will see the number of viewers that have joined chat with their Facebook, Google, or email address. You will also see the number of admins present for a given stream.

Number of chat messages: This is the total number of chats that were sent during a stream.



Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.53.54_AM.pngIf you have added any links to your stream, the number of times it is clicked will be displayed here. Each section will show the name of the link you created and also the link target, either "Open in a modal (pop up)" OR "Open in a new tab."



Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.54.04_AM.pngThis section will show you the devices that your viewers are using to watch your stream.



Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.54.14_AM.pngHere you will be able to see the location where your viewers accessed your stream. You will be able to see the source URL and the source type. (Website, Social Media, etc.)


Lastly, Google Analytics can be added to your brushfire Channel. Simply click your Channel, select the Details section, and there, you will be able to add your Google Analytics Tracking Number ID.

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