Using The Host Panel

The host panel is where you and your team will be able to help manage the engagement of the service. This includes one-on-one chat, host chat, managing public chat, and interactions. Plus, you can edit channels and content without losing the preview window.

Overview - Host Panel



Managing Public Chat

On the far right side of the host panel, directly under the video, you will see the public chat.


You can manage the chat by using each of the icons to do the following:

Thumbs Up: Like the message.
No Icon: Ban the user.
Trash Can: Delete the message.

Host Chat 

In the host chat, which you can see in the middle section, you can chat with your team. This chat will only appear to other hosts who are logged in to Brushfire Online and viewing the Host Panel page.


One on One Chat

One on one chat is initiated through interactions as well as by adding adding a link (please see instructions below on how to do this). When a one on one chat is initiated it will appear on the far left side of the host panel. Any host can click on the chat to begin chatting. When the chat has started it will take place of the Host Chat in the center.



The attendee and the host will both have the option to end chat at any point by click "end chat".

One on One Chat With Attendees

If a host would like to begin a one on one chat with attendees they can hover over the icon of the attendee from the host panel. When the green messaging icon appears simply click and a one on one chat will begin.


Adding One on One Chat

If you would like to add a button to be displayed for one on one chat through out your service, please follow the following steps.

Edit your content for the video by clicking the ellipsis or three dots on your content in the content dashboard.



Scroll down to "Links" and click the + to the right and then integrations.


You can then choose "Chat" in the dropdown and this will provide a link for one on one chat from your video content page.