How to use the Interactions Feature

Interactions are a great way to connect with your attendees! This feature will allow you to ask the attendees questions, and chat with them directly. You have several different options on how you want to send the question or announcement and several different ways that you can collect info or interact with your viewers!


Below you can see that the event organizer sent an Interaction to the attendees. Let's learn how to create and push Interactions.




To enable interactions on your stream/service, go to your Brushfire Online dashboard and then navigate to the Content listing and click the ellipsis or three dots under the content thumbnail you want to edit.


Select INTERACTIONS in your edit menu. Click the + button. NOTE: An Interaction can be used only once during a broadcast. Multiples can be created if you need to send an interaction more than once.





Once a new interaction is added, you will be able to customize exactly what you want to say.

  • Give your interaction a "Title" (Ex. Decision)
  • Under the "Question" field you will be able to ask the question you want or pass along some info. (Ex. Did you make a decision to follow Christ?)
  • The "Notification" field allows you to control the way that the interaction is published. Focus/Modal/Notify. (More info on this below)



NOTIFY Notification: (Least intrusive, only updates the icon) This type of notification will highlight the interaction icon on the right side of the page.




FOCUS Notification:(Default, switches to this panel) This is the default way of sending an interaction. Once sent the notification will switch the side panel on your stream to the question that you have asked. 




MODAL Notification - (Most intrusive, displays popup) This type of notification will trigger a popup in the middle of the page and the stream will continue in the background. Pro tip: This is a great feature for online giving and live prayer.





After you set up your question/announcement it's time to set up the responses that you want to offer and the action that will be taken once a response is selected. 




Type of Action: Here you can select what will happen after a viewer selects a reaction. You can simply reply with text only, collect the viewer's email, start a private chat with the viewer, or directly link a URL. 

After Response Text: Here you can send a message to the viewer that will appear after they select a response. (Ex. Thank you!/We will be in touch soon!/etc.)


Sending your interaction 

Navigate to the Host Panel of your Live Content in your content dashboard. 




From your Host Panel, you will be able to queue up your interactions, send them when you are ready, and track the responses. Once sent, you will be able to see the responses in the center panel and interact with the viewers who requested a chat.

There are so many different ways to interact with your viewers. Our heart behind this is to connect everyone to build an online community!