Adding & Editing Users

Multiple users can be added to your Brushfire Organization with different access levels. Whether you need users to help create or edit your Event Configuration, manage attendees, or volunteers to help check people in or run on-site sales, we have options for you!

Adding a New User Account

From the Dashboard, near the bottom of the side menu options, click Users on the left. Then, click on “Add Account” and select “User Account” to set up a specific user or “POS account” for a point of sale account used specifically for on site sales, usually utilized by volunteers.


Since you might not have the luxury of the new user waiting and receiving their Brushfire invitation, you can create a password when you set them up. Or, let them complete the process and they’ll receive an email with the link and the ability to set their own password.

Set Privileges
Set the user to the privilege level that makes the most sense for what they are going to accomplish in Brushfire. You can always go back and change it as their responsibilities change.

The User Privilege levels are as follows: 

  • Admin - Admin users have access to every feature of Brushfire. There should typically only be one or two of this type of user for each organization.
  • Manager - Managers can manage all aspects of sales and refunds, but they cannot configure or administer events, items, or promotions
  • Captain - Captains can manage all aspects of sales and refunds, but they cannot run reports or configure or administer events, items, or promotions
  • Tech - Tech users can configure and administer events items and promotions, but they cannot participate in the sales process. (This privilege level is good for Web designers and IT staff)
  • Accountant - Accountants have access to orders, accounting, reports, and the data that goes along with them
  • Agent - Agents can sell items, look up orders, resend confirmation, and print tickets, but they cannot process refunds or comp orders. (This privilege level is good for volunteers and temporary staff)
  • Scanning - These users are only allowed to scan/check-in at the event

Pro Tip: Set up a scanning username and password that all your volunteers can use to sign into Brushfire's check in App on their devices to scan in attendees at your event.

Set Event Access

Privileges (above) set the level of functionality that a user possesses. However, you can also limit the scope of that functionality to specific events. Near the bottom of this page you can change from allowing access to all events (the default when you add a new user) to blocking the user from only the event(s) you choose OR blocking them from all events except a specific event(s).  To select the events, click on the blank field and all events are displayed and you can start typing the name of an event to filter.


Setting up a POS Account

Setting up multiple generic accounts for your volunteers and temporary helpers couldn’t be easier. Select the number you need and Brushfire will assign them an arbitrary email address (since those are needed to login) and you can set an easy to remember password. Security is important to us, but these privilege levels should be low enough (Agent level is the norm) that very little concern for shared logins should accompany them.


Deleting a User

To delete a user, click back into Users from the Dashboard. From there, click on the red trashcan button next to an account.


You will be prompted to confirm you would like to delete the user, click on OK.