Overview of the Manage Page - Viewing Data from a Single Event

This is the manage page where you can view attendees, orders, groups, reports, and analytics from a single event. The Manage page has the functionality and design to make the tools you use to Manage your event more accessible. Below we’ve laid out each section with helpful tips. Let’s take a look.

Video Overview

Page-by-Page Walkthrough

  • The new attendees tab is designed to give you the most useful functions you need for your attendees. Quickly view, edit, export, and make adjustments on how you see fit!


    1. Here you can see the total number of attendees and current capacity. If you would like to quickly edit, make changes or view a list of your attendees you can do so by clicking the manage button.
    2. For the first time ever, visualize purchase engagement by day, week, month, or all time.
    3. This is the assigned seating section. Here you can see your group and assigned seating progress, as well as, the total.
    4. This section shows your ticket or registration types and the total amount sold for those types.
    5. This is your recent purchase activity and you can see those orders by clicking view.
    6. If you would like to update your attendees in bulk by ticket type, or field; export your attendee information to a spreadsheet; print your attendees' tickets, e-tickets, and name badges; and/or preview the layouts, you can do so here.
  • From the orders section, you can view, edit, export, and make adjustments all from one place!


    1. Here you can view your total number of orders. Quickly view, adjust, cancel orders, or resend confirmation emails by using the view button.
    2. Get a visual history of your event’s orders over time, by day, week, month or all time.
    3. Here’s a snapshot of your event’s recent activity. View the orders by clicking view.
    4. Use this section to export orders, return consignment seats, print tickets and name for will call and mail, and preview before you print.
  • The reports section is designed to give you the information you need, more quickly. From here create custom reports, choose from our top reports, or automatically generated reports.


    1. Create custom reports by clicking the create button.
    2. Run our most popular, up-to-date billing and revenue reports at the top.
    3. Choose from our list of automatically generated reports.
    4. On each report, you have the option to print, email, export, and subscribe to receive these reports by email.
  • Keeping your attendees up-to-date is key to the success of any event. From emails, you have the options to quickly communicate with your attendees and orders with a few simple clicks.


    1. Use the create button to get started on an email for your attendees, orders, and groups.
    2. In this section, view your already created emails and their status. You have the option to filter already created emails by all, sent, scheduled, and drafts.
    3. Preview, duplicate or delete emails you’ve already created, by using the view button or dropdown arrow.
  • Like never before, view analytics on your event. From how attendees are landing on your registration page, to how many users and views you have, and the location of your orders and attendees.


    1. View if your attendees are viewing your registration page by desktop, mobile, or tablet.
    2. Get an overall look at the number of views and users on your page.
    3. To help your marketing efforts, see your top 5 referring URLs.
    4. Here you can view a breakdown of your orders, amount, and attendees by country and region.