How to Check Attendees in from the Manage Page

Checking in Attendees

When the day of your event arrives, you may want to keep track not only of who bought a ticket to your event but also who actually attended.  You can use Brushfire's checkin features to accomplish this.

How Checkin Works

When you create an event in Brushfire, it is automatically given a checkin session called "Main Event Checkin." You can create more sessions which will allow you to check attendees in multiple times per event. You may want to do this if your event has multiple days or has a series of breakout sessions. You can read more about sessions in our article, What are Sessions and How do They Work?

Web Checkin

To check attendees in via our web interface follow these steps:

1. On your event's Manage page, click the "Manage Attendees" link. 

2. Once the page loads, click the tab that says "Main Event Checkin" or, if your event has multiple sessions, "Checkin." If your event has multiple check-in sessions, you will be prompted to select a check-in session from a dropdown menu.


3. If you have a small event, (fewer than 250 attendees) you will see a list of your attendees, otherwise, you will be presented with a search bar to allow you to search for attendees



4. Each attendee in the list will have either a green "Check In" button or the time the attendee was checked in. You can check attendees out by mousing over their check-in time and clicking the red "Check Out" button that appears. Attendees that have not been checked in can be checked in by clicking the green "Check In" button next to them.


Mobile Checkin

The easiest, fastest way to check in your attendees is to use the Brushfire Mobile App. We have apps for both iOS and Android which can be downloaded here and here respectively. For more information on how to use the app, read our article How do I use the Brushfire Mobile App?